The Real Deal Magazine which has experienced phenomenal growth and is a must-read reasource for the New York housing market, has made a real commitment to the videocast format and delivers new content on their web site every week.

Despite the fact Curbed teased me with the link at the end of last year: “Jonathan Miller has a lot of books” on the inaugural broadcast, The Real Deal promised to make the books look better and I think they succeeded.

Last week, I was interviewed for two articles on the Irish investment in New York residential real estate market (New York Times and AP) and little did I know the response they would garner. I have received calls from a number of developers looking for more information or to make introductions.

My parents recently informed me that I have ancestors going back to the mid-1800’s from Cork, Ireland. However, I don’t think qualifies me as having unique insight into the Irish real estate investment market. However, I did have the pleasure of meeting John Mehigan of Gumley Haft Keier Inc. a very sharp agent, who specializes in the Irish investment market and he has that insight.

To watch the videocast, our interview starts early on.


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    Very nice Miller. You are the El Naturale.