Here is the clip of my appearance on Tuesday’s morning edition of Squawk Box on CNBC.

I spoke of market conditions in the northeast (ok – I know Washington DC is mid-Atlantic, but they asked for it).

Fun stuff.

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3 Responses to “[In The Media] CNBC Squawk Box Clip for 5-2-06”

  1. UrbanDigs says:

    Good stuff Jonathan! I especially like the part where you had to clarify that you are NOT a real estate agent!

    Overall I found it very informative!

  2. Grunt says:

    You are the man! Put together an electronic press kit with these clips and you will get more exposure on television.

  3. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    Thanks guys! Its definitely fun to do. If you know me, I had about 2 more hours of things to say. 😉 Hope to be doing more very soon.