Last week, a profile article was published in Real Estate Weekly about me. I was surprised at the bold headline: Jonathan Miller: The man who knows but hey, I’ll take it, even though I don’t know how I got into this business. But I did win my NCAA basketball pool last spring so I must know something.

A special thanks to the writer Maggie Hawryluk for getting the story right.

John Cicero, MAI my partner in our commercial valuation firm Miller Cicero, LLC teased me about providing details about my personal interests in the piece but failing to mention our firm. Well I believe I did mention it in the interview, but I suppose the editors thought lobster fishing was more interesting than commercial valuation. Just kidding.

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One Response to “[In The Media] Real Estate Weekly Profile Of Jonathan Miller (The I Don’t Know Edition)”

  1. Lschneide says:

    I wonder if you know where online I can get long term graphic charts of Mahnattan apartment sale prices. A few yers ago a ral estate broker was making these available but I lost the link.

    Thanks [email protected]