I had the pleasure of being a guest on Real Estate Radio USA for a discussion of mortgage securitization, how to value a property in a declining market, AVMs and the spin cycle.

I was on last week, but like all my posts in the last two days, I had to wait until the last stop, Brooklyn.

I enjoyed the questions, especially those that were generated from a provocative post by my friend Mike Lefebvre.

Discussions about who should be estimating market value was particularly interesting to me. As if appraisers or agents set the price? Wrong. The market sets the price.

To listen to the interview.

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  1. […] The key will be determining the realistic CURRENT AS-IS market valueof the subject property. For once, let’s be realistic people. No more flowery BPO’s so you can get an REO listing. how about seriously giving some realistic valuations complete with an integrated regression analysis. If you don’t know how to value a property, why not leave it to the professionals. […]