Fox Business News reached out to me after the NAR existing home sales monthly press release where they blamed appraisers for stalling the housing recovery.

And you know what? NAR is not completely wrong about that, but their solutions show how much they don’t understand the problem.

Play the clip.


4 Responses to “[In The Media] Fox Business News With Neil Cavuto 6-23-09”

  1. Edd Gillespie says:


    This won’t run.

  2. Works on my Mac – I’ll check it out. Trust me, I was absolutely brilliant. 😉 Will be on Fox again next week with Brian Sullivan on the same topic.

  3. Edd Gillespie says:

    Mac? I’m a PC.
    Keep going (I assume I know what you will say in your measured and gentlemanly manner). Please don’t tell ’em appraisers protect the lenders. The profession is way overexposed to lenders already. Saying we protect them conjures up images of bodyguards and Al Capone.
    I recall back in the day when our alleged protectees were claiming that appraisal and mortgage fraud were a huge problem. Of course that ultimately revealed itself to be loosey goosey underwriting aimed at generating MBAs, CDOs, credit default swaps, investment vehicles invented by quants and other banking cum wall street hot air ad nauseum. Maybe when promises turn into paper and quants get ahold of them, is when they become origami.
    Do you think there is anything of that magnitude to be revealed by NAR and NAHB types? I tend to think their tactics and goalsa are somewhat easier to understand. They just want to sell tangible stuff for as much as they can. I don’t blame them for that, I wish they didn’t blame us because their dreams can’t come true right now. It’s shoot the messengers all over again. It goes with the job. Maybe appraisers as a profession have an opportunity to prove the are more relevant than they have been. Do you think the public whose trust we are supposed to nurture is ready for that? Set it straight Jonathan!

  4. Edd Gillespie says:

    Still won’t go, but what the heck I’m more of a CNN fan anyway.