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[In The Media] CNBC Squawk Box and Bloomberg On The Economy Clips for 11-30-07

My new venture Radar Logic released the September 2007 RPX Monthly Housing Market Report [1] on Friday at 9 AM.

Mark Haines & Erin Burnett, hosts of CNBCs Squawk Box interviewed me at the New York Stock Exchange about the release of the report [2]. Its a tight fit on the balcony, overlooking the exchange with about a dozen people within about 6 feet of me off camera. I have been interviewed by each of them from a remote location but this was the first time I have met them in person. A lot of cheering and yelling was going on behind me on the floor of the exchange.

CNBC Squawk Box Interview [2]

Kathleen Hays, who hosts one the leading news programs On The Economy, and who is one of my favorite anchors at Bloomberg, interviewed me regarding our report release [3]. She is a moderator at this monday’s OTS’ National Housing Forum.

I was joined by Nicolas Retsinas [4], Director of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. I did a split screen with Nicholas once before on another program and have always enjoyed his insights.

Bloomberg On The Economy Interview [3]