Here is a clip of my appearance on today’s Morning Call show on CNBC.

The topic was brought about by Adam Koval, who runs, a web log that covers the San Francisco housing market. Adam’s theory is that the condo market is a good indicator of the health of the overall housing market. This was covered in a CNN/Money article by Les Christie called Condo prices reveal housing trends: Comparing condo prices may be the best way to gauge the direction of housing prices. and I was quoted as not agreeing at all with the premise.

The CNN/Money article interested CNBC and they invited us both to appear in conjunction with NAR’s housing stat release for December. Adam and I have traded emails and we are on each other’s blog roll but I never knew what he looked like until we went “split screen.”

He and I were interviewed on CNBC Morning Call by Mark Haines who was great as usual.

As is the way on television, there was not enough time for the topic but it was fun to do. I was itching to respond to the last question but we ran out of time. Since I don’t agree at all with Adam’s premise I’ll present my argument as a post tomorrow.

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One Response to “[In The Media] CNBC Morning Call Clip for 1-25-07”

  1. UrbanDigs says:

    Going with you on this one Jonathan. Its pretty narrow sighted to state that condo prices are the best indication of future housing trends.

    What I think would be interesting for NYC real estate, is to see if the average price of a condo vs co-op will narrow in the future as a result of the speculative/investor friendly structure of condominiums over co-ops in the face of a cooling market. Or, will the condo premium hold?