Dustin Luther, the godfather of the real estate blogosphere with his famed Rain City Guide blog on the Seattle market has an insightful new blog called 4Realz.net. He invited me to participate with Rhonda Porter and Jessie Beaudoin, two very sharp real estate experts.

4realz Roundtable: How Appraisal Rule Changes will Affect Real Estate Professionals

This conversation is referring to the Cuomo/Fannie agreement.

Of course I couldn’t figure out how to log in right away so I am a few minutes late for the show.

Check out the discussion

Thanks again Dustin – see you in San Fran!

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2 Responses to “[In The Media] 4Realz Roundtable On Appraisals Cuomo/GSE Agreement For 1-1-09”

  1. Dustin says:

    So glad we had you at the roundtable… Thanks again for taking part!

  2. Edd C Gillespie says:

    Jonathan, Thanks for sharing the round table here. While I don’t know the solution to the entire mess I do know it is with us because of the recurrent fad to keep up appearances of integrity while cheating. Maybe you are right about returning to accountability from one end of the chain to the other, but where does that leave the appraiser? You alluded to the dynamic that to the extent that we are experts selling our opinions we are a profession that works best when the client-relationship is based on trust. However, it seems to me that he veneer of trust-based business is fraught with threats from the good-old-boy network. I am convinced that until the appraisal profession seriously steps up an requires expert training and performance the problems the profession contributes and deals with will not see a solution. The way that consummate appraisers deal with this mess now is to avoid it. I wonder i that really grapples with our responsibilities. Did it really require the intervention of th Attorney General of the State of New York to make the observation that mortgage appraisers are not independent? There is a hole the size of the USS Ronald Reagan in appraiser training and competence. Let’s fix what we can fix in our own house. The rule is follow the money, but if e play our cards right the money in real estate lending will have to take us seriously. Why can’t we have a round table about cleaning our house?