we just don’t know it yet…

I think my use of the phrase “pet spas and on-site sommeliers” has made the rounds long enough and others like it over the past several years to be put to rest…please.

As housing and consumers benefited from the era of easy credit, the surplus of new development entering the housing market necessitated more creative marketing to differentiate the vast array of product under the now tired “lifestyle” moniker. (cliche alert: Location 3x, Lifestyle)

The Conspicuous consumption goes out of style article in Sunday’s International Herald Tribune (or Friday’s New York Times’ In Hard Times, No More Fancy Pants) confirmed what I had been observing for the past few months as the credit crunch bore down on all of our lives.

The US economy is faltering under a significant global financial crisis. A new presidential administration/party is taking over the reigns.

Individuals seeking the biggest and the best will probably do so with less fanfare. Housing demand will likely be re-defined by the marketing shift to austerity.

Times have changed and we don’t have the luxury of asking “Wassup!” of someone without regretting we asked. Speaking of bailouts (c’mon, you were thinking about it), here’s a prime example of how GM continues to miss the market: “My Hybrid Is Bigger Than Your Hybrid.


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    I like the “my hyrib is bigger than your hybrid” joke, very cleaver! All of this is echoing what the great Robin Quivers asked on the Stern Show a few weeks ago, “we had a massive tax cut for the rich and two wars, who is going to pay for all of that?”