Housing Note Accolades

Here are some unsolicited comments from subscribers (kept anonymous) to my weekly Housing Note. Keep ’em coming!


I always enjoy your weekly exhale — not only informative but witty and wise.

I want to let you know how much I’m enjoying your housing notes. They are both educational and hysterical, so thanks for that.

I see you as being the #1 advocate for the working appraiser and for the appraisal profession. Please know it is appreciated.

I love your weekly internet communique—surely that most relevant publication of its kind.

I thoroughly enjoy your witty and informative email newsletter and read it weekly.

One of my favorite emails each week. Thanks, Jonathan!

Like yourself I just try and make sense of whats going on, and no false compliment here, you are the best at that.

I’ve heard you speak many times at REBNY events and now I can hear your voice as clear as day when I read Housing Notes.

I love getting that weekly email – you keep me up to date on some articles I’ve missed and I need it being an independent broker.

Would be lost without your fine reports!

I just received (email) another great newsletter in an ongoing series that I appreciate receiving.

You are great at what you do. It is always fun reading about you in the media, LinkedIn and your Housing Notes.

Thanks for all you do and the great info you provide.

Love this as always! You are the master of the universe. At least the NYC real estate universe.

You are the #1 voice of TRUTH for the Appraisal Industry.

If you don’t subscribe to Miller’s Housing Notes, or you’re not on his mailing list, you should, and you should be. He’s a great source of information about the RE market, plus he’s fun to read.

I find your blog both educating and amusing!

This was Amazing !!

Your weekly Housing Notes are great and thank you for providing

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your notes! Your notes are the BEST!!

I just read the article about you as the most trusted guy in real estate. You sound like such a wonderful, knowledgable, honest guy, with a passion for your family and the industry you love. I really admire that.

Light and lively style, but nonetheless very informative with useful statistics (love charts and graphs) and a good variety of links to interesting articles. This is my first issue — just signed up this past week so don’t know if this is your Vol. 1, #1 — and I’m looking forward to subsequent issues. Thanks for putting together a well-thought out, relevant newsletter.

I love your weekly housing report! It is informative and also humorous! It is a lot of work! Your weekly emails have put me in touch with the most updated market! Thank you so much!

This is a good read.

I finally got to read your excellent wkly newsletter – you’re funny! And spot on, as always 🙂

Jonathan– keep it coming! great read!

Thank you, Jonathan. Keep them coming. Many intelligent buyers and sellers out there!

Great piece as always.

Thank you for sending this I really enjoy reading it.

This is REALLY good stuff.

This is your best note ever, just fantastic.

Can’t get onboard defending those pencil-shaped building…But I still love your writing.

I really like your weekly newsletter—in fact, I kinda wait for it to arrive. Lots and lots of good stuff there—and well written, as a bonus.

Keep up this FANTASTIC work. I love it!

Congrats & Thanks for doing the newsletter!

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your views and information in an easy to read format. I look forward to receiving your updates.

I am sure that you realize the breadth of your ‘reach’ and accepted expertise, but without ‘buttering-you-up I am one who has no problem thanking you for all the work that I know goes into preparing your data.

Just had to let you know how much I love your Housing Notes…They are so valuable to me & my business. I appreciate how you interject a little bit of humor while delivering and giving your interpretation of your data.