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Housing Market: Justification To Play With Software Games

The Speculative Bubble Blog [1] uses the stats derived by [2]Robert Shiller [3] which we covered here back in September [2]. (Hat tip to True Gotham [4]) Shiller trends the housing market for 116 years adjusted for inflation.

While this chart is pretty scary looking [5] (duh!), its based on the sales price of “standard existing houses, not new construction” and doesn’t include condos or factor in foreclosures.

I was always taught that you need to plot at least two data points on a chart to make a point, so I’d love to see this index matched against personal income, housing costs as a percentage of personal income or some relationship to leverage to get something constructive out of data series.

Still it makes good fodder for a railroad software game – a very creative application of housing stats – take a ride: