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Housing: Giving A Hard Look At A Hard Landing

If you are in a bad mood or are looking to stop drinking coffee, here’s a scary summary of the national housing market by [Comstock Partners](http://www.comstockfunds.com/Commstock [1] via WSJ [2] pointed out by Barry Riholz [3] of BigPicture [4]. I hate to simply present the list again but is a summary of the state of the housing market based on national statistics thats a little disturbing. Each item on its own can be explained but the combination paints a more powerful picture.

Whats important to realize is that the stats are national and represents the worst elements of different markets. You can pick out specific examples of stats on the list that are hyped [5] but even after doing that, the numbers presented in total are a concern (are you reading this Ben?) and builds the argument that we are in the midst of a hard landing.

Warning: viewer discretion is advised (its nationally orientated so it doesn’t apply to all markets).

Maybe I will get that cup of coffee.