Today, my senior appraiser told me I had to watch the Charlie Rose Show he saw Monday night called “A discussion about the crisis on Wall Street” with Lawrence Summers, Charles Gasparino, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Nouriel Roubini and Josh Rosner.

He was right – it was engaging (not many have the interview skills of Charlie Rose). I highly recommend watching it.

While you’re listening, take a look at Megan McCardle’s of The Atlantic’s post called Hindsight regulation.

I hope that this will result in deep changes to our regulatory system, starting with unifying the diverse bank regulatory body, and giving them a stronger mandate to watch systemic risk like a hawk. I hope the GSEs will be broken up, stripped of their government guarantee, and regulated like other companies that do the same thing. I hope the central bank will pay more attention to inflation, and less to unemployment.

While you’re pondering all this hindsight, consider tragedy of Jack White and his unhappiness with his music in the advertisement for Coke Zero Zero Seven for the new James Bond movie.

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One Response to “[Hindsight Is 007] Market Bloom Is Not On The Rose”

  1. Edd C Gillespie says:

    Remember when the discussion was about appraisal and mortgage fraud? I thought then and I’m now convinced all of that was smoke. I wonder now long it will be before the phrase “lack of transparency” is completely worn out?

    Thanks for posting that. I try to watch Charlie Rose consistently, but I missed that one and it is, as you said, engaging. I was particularly interested to hear that the government (the people we elect to tell us which of these giants to bail out) is turning for advise to the high rollers. Sounds like Morgan Stanley, adviser to Paulson and the FED, is lining up its bail out in advance of the announcement. That bunch says two to three years more of this and nobody knows where or when the bottom is or what it looks like. Appraisal fraud my foot.