Anytime a movie references “Connecticut”, it requires a mandatory reference in any of my blogs.  This reference applies to the 5 FASB board members based in Norwalk, CT, whose members who were subjected to intense political pressures to relax Mark-to-market accounting rules.

Transparency becomes Opaque when you are scared to death.

I also discuss conversations with lenders and mortgage brokers in the past week and what constitutes a Happy Thought.  Are we able to look at the housing world objectively with so much of it under duress?

3 Responses to “Haunting In Connecticut (Accounting Style) and of course, Happy Thoughts”

  1. Mike says:

    Sounds great!! Did anyone jump out of the window? Very good stuff looking forward and hope I can contribute at some point.

  2. maureen burns says:

    First podcast I’ve heard. Thank you for your wisdom and honesty regarding the mark-to-market question. I agree that no-one knows the answer, but few are willing to admit this. I look forward to your future insights and balanced assessments on the market.

  3. Thanks Maureen! Feel free to make suggestions on topics you feel need to be examined.