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Hard Sell Brokerage, Soft Sell Blogging

The crew at Sellsius sent me a link to a story they posted NYC Seller Offers 10% Real Estate Commission [1]. It wasn’t just a post about a 10% listing as a novel marketing technique to differentiate the property. They called and interviewed the listing broker to get more insight, which only helped enhance the post. Good stuff.

They sent me an email directly – not part of a bulk email, suggesting that I post an article about the 10% commission and link to it. While I was appreciative of the gesture, I am not crazy about posts about posts unless they are really funny, quirky or part of a bigger topic in a post I am presenting. But frankly, I got side tracked and never did anything about the post. However, the story was covered by a number of other blogs I like to read so I suspect they were emailed the same way. Sellsius’ soft sell strategy was therefore successful:

Just like the broker in the 10% listing story, Sellsius [6] probably generated more traffic by approaching their marketing a little differently and each blog enhanced the content of the original post. Still, it bothered me.

That being said, it was still a good post about a changing real estate market.