The short film The Realtor is something from a few years ago that I overlooked. It includes all the exagerated stereotypes about brokers that you have heard before so thats a bit tired but its worth a look. I am surprised they weren’t sued by NAR for using the trademarked name Realtor in the movie title. (Actually, this guy looks more like the stereotype for an appraiser).

From the press release

An Arizona produced short film has been accepted into the CU2 Video and Film Festival in New York City. The Realtor is an 8-minute dark comedy shot on digital video. It portrays a world filled with cutthroat tactics where a particular real estate agent is willing to do just about anything to close the sale. Running and hiding simply won’t do, as nothing will prepare you for The Realtor.

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One Response to “Happiness At 5%, A Short Film The Realtor”

  1. Chris A. Randolph says:

    5% may bring some measure of happiness but for real everlasting joy 6% and up does the trick. I’ll try and catch this short film if I can but the movie that seems to get quoted most around the office is “Glengarry Glen Ross.” Often overheard are lines such as, “ABC, always be closing, Your problems are your own,” etc. There are others but they consist mainly of expletives and are unprintable. Very funny on the one hand, on the other however a telling reminder of the negative perception we in the business enjoy. Someday perhaps some producer will decide to lose a lot of money and make a film about the business as it really is. It won’t help at all because no one would go to see it. I personally would not invest a dime.