Well, its time for Matrix (I feel like a pro athelete when I get to talk in “third person”) to leave for an extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend – back on Monday November 27th.

Its time to consume things in excess of common sense (no, I an not talking about real estate information) and be with our families.

Speaking of consuming and family, my mom & dad’s stuffing recipe is the best, bar none.

4 Responses to “Had Our Fill Of Real Estate: Happy Thanksgiving 2006”

  1. John Philip Mason says:

    Hey Jonathan:

    You share your good wishes and pearls of real estate wisdom (or at least some sort of insight), but not the family recipe for stuffing. What give? 😉

    Peace & Happy Holiday – John

  2. Elvira Black says:

    Jonathan, I’ll miss your posts because I read your blog religiously, but I hope you have a fabulous holiday!

  3. Athol Kay says:

    Speaking of stuffing. The next morning use the stuffing to make Stuffing Omelettes. It is insanely good.

  4. Don’t forget, Minnesota is the biggest supplier of turkeys for your thanksgiving dinner. You can repay us by buying a home in our fine state. 🙂