I never thought to myself, gee, I’m going to go out and do some social marketing/networking, like it’s a New Year’s resolution. It just sort of happened and I am not sure how or why, but it’s here and it is powerful – and it is fun.

I began the blogging thing with Matrix and Soapbox back in 2005 and then expanded into:
and now podcasting at TheHousingHelix.com

Frankly, I have no plan other than to try to push out good content with my persona attached to it.

Ryan Slack – founder of GreenPearl, invited a group of social networking types (don’t see myself as one, but I am I suppose) to a fun forum tomorrow night – moderated by Quinn & Co.’s digital media manager, Allie Herzog – at the M1-5 Lounge at 52 Walker Street, Manhattan. I am excited about the group and plan to take (mental) notes.

  • Doug Heddings, Senior Vice President Elliman, top broker and viral video guru
  • Rick Rochon, Founder Adsymetrix.com, social advertising expert
  • Rob Hahn, Vice President Marketing Onboard Informatics, interactive marketing pro
  • Phil Thomas Di Giulio, Co-founder WellcomeMat.com, Twitter master, guerrilla marketing expert

There are some seats available – to attend, you simply register here.

One Response to “GreenPearl’s Real Estate Social Marketing Panel 4-7-09 6pm”

  1. Edd Gillespie says:

    Well as relevant and interesting as this forum sounds, I will not be there.
    In my absence would you mention that we need a drastic modification in place of the secondary market in residential mortgage lending, like maybe a neighborhood co-op, sort of like the old-old savings & loan concept?

    Or maybe we need lenders who share the dream and are interested in taking risk when it comes to housing taxpayers. Or maybe we need taxpayers who don’t need to live in houses, or maybe houses that people can afford to buy without loans. Or maybe we need to stop outsourcing domestic jobs that pay enough to buy houses with loans that banks are willing to use for collateral.