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Good News! Housing Problems Are Behind Us [Spin Is In Front]

At least Larry Yun, Chief Economist for NAR, isn’t using the word “Temporary” in his monthly pronouncement [1] that included the idea that subprime isn’t really that big of a deal.

This month’s series of helpful advice for all of us to savor [2]:

There’s too much focus on the national figures,” Yun said. “National figures can dampen consumer confidence.”

“The subprime mess is a Wall Street mess,” Yun said. “They made a huge gamble, and they lost. Subprime is a past event that’s unrelated to homebuying.

“Denver is one of the markets to watch,” Yun said. “Austin (Texas) already has seen a boom. Denver will be among the next markets to see a boom.”

But seriously, this misinformation to consumers has got to stop. I can’t believe this advice hard core spin is being sanctioned by the trade group. Again, missing a golden opportunity to connect with consumers.