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Globally Speaking, New York City Is A Cheap Place To Live

Oslo beats out Tokyo as priciest city: New York, the priciest American city, fell to No. 27 on world list [CNN/Money] [1].

Are they kidding me? New York is 27th on the list and yet its the priciest American city? I guess I am not unlike many here who see New York City, as former Mayor Guiliani dubbed, the Capital of the World, so I assumed we’d be at least top ten. Has anyone tried to rent a 2-bedroom apartment here lately?

Actually last year, New York was 23rd on the list so its become relative cheaper to live here.

European cities dominated the top ten.

“For the first time in nearly a generation, Tokyo no longer ranks as the world’s most expensive city, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Economist Group.”

“The biannual survey, which covers 130 countries, found Oslo, Norway as No. 1 in terms of cost of living. Tokyo fell to No. 2. “