Getting Graphic is a semi-sort-of-irregular collection of our favorite BIG real estate-related chart(s).

Source: WaPo

Click for a slew of interactive charts.

The Washington Post finally gets on the interactive chart bandwagon at the high level found at the New York Times and presents a very clear analysis in graphic form, on the break down in the credit environment.

It is very hard to believe that no-doc or low-doc’s loan market share peaked a year ago at 60% before they stated to fall. It was just 2000 when these products were resting at 22% in 2000.

It’s hard to believe.

Note: It is even harder to believe my vacation in San Francisco is over. Lessons learned (not from the credit crunch, from my vacation).

  • Pepsi products were rare
  • The weather is nearly always perfect
  • Rust never sleeps (on the Golden Gate bridge, so paint it in perpetuity)
  • The street cars (not trolleys) were from Philadelphia, Chicago and Boston)
  • The weather is actually always perfect

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