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Washington Post-ABC News Consumer Comfort Index Survey (last 12 months)


Washington Post-ABC News Consumer Comfort Index Survey (1986-2005)


The housing boom could be defined as the period from 1997 to 2005 with a break in 2001 when we saw a recession and 9/11. In the past 5 years, I have always wondered, although the housing sector was setting records, why it seemed that consumers remained anxious even though they were doing ok financially? Of course, I could have been alone in this regard.

The Washington Post-ABC News Consumer Comfort Index Survey seems to bear this out. The participants are asked 3 questions in this rolling average survey. They rate the:

  • condition of the national economy,
  • state of their personal finances, and
  • whether now is a good time to buy things.

Self-perception of the state of their personal finances was usually positive but the other factors were negative. You can also view the methodology and the data.

The annual results of the survey shown have been negative as shown in the chart above and this has carried through to 2006.

The survey doesn’t answer the question, but it does show how cranky all of us have been.


One Response to “[Getting Graphic] Feeling Bad About The Boom”

  1. Long Island Lost says:

    I think a lot of people are OK financially. BUT, job uncertainty seems higher. It is pretty easy to find some one who is just as skilled and talented and doing worse (and better). I think the anxiety comes from a recognition of how easy it is to fall off of the ladder and how badly it would hurt.