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In today’s article For Some, Grass Is Greener Where There Isn’t Any [NYT] the author covers the odd phenomenon of paving over front yards. This has taken on a political undertone in Kickin’ Asphalt: Pols Attack Front Yard Driveways [Queens Ledger]

“While there are no official city figures on pave-overs, it is clear that the fight is still being waged in the other boroughs and in some suburbs, where signs of creeping urbanism threaten the leafy suburban aesthetic…New York City has no rules prohibiting property owners from paving over their lawns, but Tony Avella, a city councilman from Queens, hopes to change that…Paving over has become so commonplace that it is spurring differences between neighbors and debates within households about whether to dispense with the lawn.”

Source: NYT

Apparently the same issue is a recent major concern in Dallas where a 50% coverage limit is being proposed: Council reviews ordinance to limit pavement in yards [Dallas News]

Some quick research yielded lots of pavement ordinances, but I lost interest after 2:

Garden Grove, CA

Garland Grove TX

2 Responses to “Front Yard Politics: Grass Losing Ground To Pavement”

  1. pcampbell says:

    This is a good example of why we have laws – to protect people and, in this case, the environment, from each other. It is human nature to feel we should be able to do what we want with our possessions and in this increasingly overpopulated area to pave one’s driveway to protect our cars and provide convenient parking (although walking would do the overweight American population alot of good). Being a “tree hugger” myself I applaud Mr. Avella. Trees provide more than shade and oxygen – they are homes to the most numerous creatures on the face of the earth – bugs. Without trees the air would be alive with bugs with nowhere to go except into our homes. Scary thought.

  2. Robert Schwartz says:

    “Environmentalists” have in the past criticized home owners who maintain little pastures in their front yards for wasting scarce resources such as water and using pesticides and herbicides that will turn us all into toxic zombies.

    A few sensible New Yorkers solve that problem by paving over their front yards and pcamblell is sure that another environmental catastrophe is on the way.

    Yet another demonstration that all environmentalism amounts to, is a bunch of conveniently sized sticks to beat middle class Americans with.