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Florida, Florida, Florida

The passing of Tim Russert was very much a shock. It caused me to reflect on my own mortality for a good part of this Father’s Day. For years I watched Meet The Press [1] and it’s one of my regular podcasts – loved it. I was drawn to Russert’s youthful enthusiasm, work ethic and ability to provide clarity to Byzantine world of politics. My father met him when we appraised his property a number of years ago and he was as genuine in person as he came across on television.

The use of a dry erase board in the 2000 presidential election [2] was classic.

Amid the high-tech wizardry of television, it was Russert who picked up a white board and marker on Election Night 2000 and plotted the progress of the Bush/Gore all-nighter, scribbling “Florida, Florida, Florida” before anyone knew the race would not be settled there for 36 days.

And other moments. [3]

Of course, Florida foreclosures aren’t going to settle down for quite a while [4] because of the backlog in the foreclosure pipeline, unlike other markets.