I have been barely restraining myself to keep from talking about Apple’s upcoming iPhone release in June. I could ramble on about all the problems I am having with my Treo, how the Palm OS abandoned Apple (so by definition, Palm is cool anymore), but I restrained myself until now.

The crew at Flipper Nation likes to tell us all about how many people watch their clips (I do) but more significantly, Steve Jobs of Apple, used Flipper Nation as a sample of cool content to be viewed on the iPhone.

Finally, a real estate connection can be made to the iPhone and therefore a worthy post for Matrix. I am counting down the days until its released in June!

See the Apple Announcement.

6 Responses to “Flipping Out For The iPhone”

  1. Rich In NNJ says:

    You want a quality iPod, buy an Apple iPod. Not a knock off. You want a quality mobile phone, buy a Motorola mobile phone.

    But if you prefer to listen to music while being interrupted but poor quality phone calls, buy the iPhone.

    I’m sure you need another unsolicited opinion! 😉


  2. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    Hey Rich – Have you received a call on an iPhone? If so, then you are the only non-Apple employee on the planet who has. 😉

  3. Rich In NNJ says:

    No, I haven’t and that’s an excellent point. :-p I would just be cautious to buy the first mobile phone from a company whose expertise isn’t in RF.

    Best of luck, Rich

    PS Right now only AT&T has made a deal with Apple to offer the phone, Verizon declined.

  4. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    These days that doesn’t matter anyway since you take your number with you. Old school thinking.

    If Verizon declined, thats a good sign, don’t you think? And what expertise is out there that proves to be an advantage with smartphone (not cell phone) development? Come on Rich! 😉

  5. Rich In NNJ says:

    Because it’s not just a smartphone (computer), it’s still an RF device. And though I do not like the way Verizon operates (they want total control in order to generate more fees) they do spend the best on improving quality and on their infrascture. I’m sure it wasn’t quality that turned them away as it was control of revenue. But I don’t see them not signing with Apple as a good sign for the quality of the product.

    And stop winking at me! :-0

    I look forward to your review in June!

  6. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    Its not a wink, its a nervous twitch. June it is.