The online version of the Prudential Douglas Elliman 2Q 2008 Hamptons/North Fork Market Overview [Miller Samuel] is available for download.

I have been writing various incarnations of the New York regional market report series for Douglas Elliman since 1994.

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An excerpt

…The upper price range of the housing market continues to outperform the overall housing market. In each of the past four quarters, the luxury market, defined as the upper ten percent of all sales, saw a higher year over year quarterly increase in median sales price than the overall market. The luxury market increased 10.3% in median sales price and the overall market declined 9.2% in median sales price compared to the same period last year. The market area south of the highway consistently has the highest overall prices as compared to the areas to the north and on either side of the canal. Of the four regions, only south of the highway saw an increase in median sales price of 1% as compared to the prior year quarter…

Download report: 2Q 2008 Hamptons/North Fork Market Overview [pdf]

3 Responses to “[East End] 2Q 2008 Hamptons/North Fork Market Overview Available For Download”

  1. L'Emmerdeur says:

    Don’t wealthy folks have money managers or advisers to tell them they are buying at the top? I guess with so many wealthy people these days, there aren’t enough good advisers to go around. Ah well, it is about time wealth got redistributed out of the hands of so many worthless peasants. Meritocracy is coming to the USA.

  2. JB in NYC says:

    Dating back to at least 1980 Reaganomics, Americans have been patiently waiting for “trickle-down” to kick in.

    It seems like the rising tide (positive GNP growth) only floats yachts while all the other boats get swamped under the waves.

    Must tens-of-millions lose their homes, savings, jobs, healthcare, etc., and then endure another catastrophic financial depression before realizing supply-side economic theory is largely a rhetorical fallacy.

  3. Edd Gillespie says:

    For most of us “trickle down” has actually meant “trickled on.” I guess you are right, it is only rhetorical. I am so pissed I want to “trickle back”, but I’m supposed to be professional. We should tell our kids, “Whatever you do, join something other than the US middle class if you get a chance.”