As a possible test for how overheated the real estate market is, Donald Trump the developer and tv star, is getting paid $1.5M for a speech [Marketwatch] to (I’ve heard) 48,000+ faithful called “One Weekend Can Make You A Millionaire!” at The Learning Annex.

He is one of the best real estate marketers of all time and is a household name. But really, how much useful information is anyone going to get with that size audience? Are many savy real estate investors going to attend this event? I suspect his appeal is mainly to new real estate investors who want some of his karma and to those who admire him for his international reputation and television star status. Whatever the reason, people are coming out in droves to see the event, its a real happening.

If lender takes back an investment property from an attendee of this event, they’ll say “you’re foreclosed”…

[What’s he really worth?] [NYT]

One Response to “Donald J. Trump Gets $1.5 Million for Speech”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Kind of like buying a lottery ticket with the possibility of winning a $380 million pot. Attendees are trying to glean one piece of information from the “Donald Lottery” that will propel them into the mega million income bracket. “It could happen!”