Its Saturday, and its still 2008, and yesterday was actually the day to provide my Three Cents Worth as a post on Curbed. This week I took a look at inventory and the different patterns between different types of housing stock (Manhattan co-ops/condos).

To view Three Cents Worth: Inventory Upside Down

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3 Responses to “[Curbed] Three Cents Worth: Three Cents Worth: Inventory Upside Down”

  1. Jose says:

    I must admit I am having a hard time deciphering this chart. Can you please explain what is being depicted beginning with the unlabeled side axises and what the gold bars represent?

    Thanks JM

  2. Noah says:

    The gold bars are TOTAL LISTINGS (coop + condo) and corresponds to the left axis.

    The right axis is so you can see how the line chart of coop vs condo inventory has been. Inventory seems to be slowly rising after years of declines. Nothing too crazy, and too early to call a trend, but obviously its rising a bit. Add in seasonal component of generally slow end of year (2007), and its kind of normal.

    Lets see where it is by late summer and fall after bonus season.

  3. Jose says:

    Thank you Noah.