Its Wednesday, so its that time of the week to provide my Three Cents Worth as a post for Curbed, and rumour has it that they are afraid to go to carnivals at night.

This week I went for the abstract rather than the empirical: tried to come up with an index for what seems like a major issue in the current market psychology: the buyer and seller disconnect. But in true Curbed style, I got thrown to the wolves.

Three Cents Worth: Buyer Urgency v. Seller Resolve

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One Response to “[Curbed] Three Cents Worth: Buyer Urgency v. Seller Resolve”

  1. Jon Ernest says:

    Holy Crap did you get thrown to the anonomous wolves! I love that when one person voices their opinion openly, it is criticized by those unwilling to stand by their opinion with their name.
    At least I like the graph… Good job.