Since 2003 I have provided a chart that appears once a month in the Economic Spotlight section of Crain’s New York Business magazine. Here is this month’s chart appearing in the current issue of Crain’s New York Business.

Source: Crain’s New York Business

Go here for a complete archive of all my Crains’s New York Economic Spotlight charts. They are organized by year.


3 Responses to “Crains New York Business Economic Spotlight Chart – July 2007”

  1. John K says:


    You were mentioned in a column in today’s New York Observer.

    The author feels that NYC (Manhattan, more specifically) has reached its apex, when it comes to commercial and residential real estate.

    But the boom is behind the housing market, according to Mr. Miller and others, even if prices, especially at the luxury end, cause the occasional stir.

    Does this accurately portray your sentiments?

    The author seems quite cynical about the state of city real estate, but he doesn’t seem to have any data to substantiate his claims.

    Care to comment?

    Thanks Jonathan!

  2. No, it doesn’t portray my complete sentiments, but its not inaccurate. While I agree that the housing boom is behind us, I am not saying that the market is slipping. The article gives the impression that I feel the market has peaked and will fall. I am saying that we should not expect frenzied market conditions over the next year. Certain segments may stand out, like the luxury market currently is.