I have had the pleasure of providing a monthly chart for the Economic Spotlight section of Crain’s New York Business magazine since September 2003. Here is the latest, which appears in the current issue of Crain’s New York Business.

Source: Crain’s New York Business

Go here for a complete archive of my Crains’s New York Economic Spotlight charts that have been published. They are organized by year.


2 Responses to “Crains New York Business Economic Spotlight Chart – December 2007”

  1. WT Economist says:

    There is a difference between accounting for half the apartments sold and half the apartments. Condos are more likely to be bought as temporary residences, or as flips, or as rental investments. You don’t go through a co-op board hassle unless you plan to stay a long time.

  2. Jani says:

    There are more investors in the market, so buiying condominium makes sense. This is probably growing hand in hand with the rental’s share of the accommodation.