Craig Newmark’s online firm, Craigslist, is beginning to charge $10 for real estate listings, beginning in New York [CNN/Money].

CNN reports that “Ten million Craigslist users click on an estimated 6.5 million classified postings each month at 190 local sites in 35 countries, generating three billion page views.” The web site is simple and efficient with virtually no high tech stuff, just good content.

They have been charging $75 in San Francisco, $25 in New York and Los Angeles for job listings and are now expanding that effort into 4 additional cities. They still don’t seem to care too much about money but they have remained so small and nimble that they are believed to be highly profitable despite their quirkiness.

There only threat is the Google Base service but Craig’s list has been part of a particularly damaging trend to newspapers by cutting into their classified advertising revenues.

Craig’s Golden Rule as shown on the CNN/Money web site:

Choose your mistakes carefully

Another new concept is a site set to launch in January called Sellsius. For $29.95 per year you can list any type of real estate property. See the press release [pdf] for more details.

Webmasters note: If you click on the company icon on the web site home page, you get an error so I guess they have invested all their efforts into the software. 😉

UPDATE: Sellsius, LLC sent me a nice note and informed me that their web site glitch was repaired (it was). I look forward to learning more about their product at the Inman conference in January.

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