The Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] has long produced high quality content and has embraced new forms of distribution (I love their iPhone app and subscribe to their heavyweight Foreign Affairs publication on my Kindle).

This summer they released a terrific interactive guide on the financial crisis called:

Crisis Guide: The Global Economy

It’s very well done and includes Google Motion Charts, which are very cool.

Play around with all the interactive features such as the timeline and the video. Interesting presentation.

One Response to “[Council on Foreign Relations] The Crisis Guide: The Global Economy”

  1. Meghan Porter says:

    Thanks for this great post! I just checked out the CFR’s Crisis Guide. I especially found the part on Expert Analysis particularly interesting. Definitely agree that the Google Motion Charts are pretty cool! I’ll have to subscribe to the Foreign Affairs Publication as well. Have you considered creating a poll for your readers? I find them useful and I love voting as well!