[In this week’s Carnival, Bloodhound Blog, as usual, gives a lot of thought to the process and comes up with a contrarian way to present the posts submitted. Speaking of thought, I forgot to submit my post this week!]

What is a carnival?

Here’s a great carnival Q & A. Its basically a a bunch of blogs that take turns displaying the favorite posts for the group each week. Carnivals can vary by topics and of course and the most relevant to Matrix readers is the Carnival of Real Estate.

This week’s host: Bloodhound Blog sniffs out the best posts submitted by carnival members. Check back with them every day as they present a daily synopsis for their readers.

Next week’s host: Inman News Blog will “connect” with the carnival. Click on the button below to get more information on how to join, host and submit posts to the carnival.


One Response to “Carnival Of Real Estate [Week of October 10, 2006]”

  1. Rich In NNJ says:

    I prefer Bloodhound’s way of actually culling and choosing those he deemed to be the “best” and hope others do the same. I think he was a bit biased in his selections, but I don’t have a huge problem with it as he did take the time to make selections. That’s being said, I look forward to the next Carnival as it won’t be hosted on a Realtor’s site!

    By the way, did you read this blog entry at BlueRoof.com? ‘The Battle Between Appraisers and Everyone Else’ http://blueroof.wordpress.com/2006/09/27/the-battle-between-appraisers-and-everyone-else/

    I’m curious of your opinion.