Alison Rogers, a talented writer and editor (who on occasion, points out my gramatical shortcomings with a distinct sense of glee, yet supports me when blog commenters stray from topic), launched the New York Post’s successful Real Estate Section on September 6, 2003.

Why she gave up the slow pace, low stress, high pay and luxurious office accommodations in 2005 that the New York Post is known for, only she will ever know (hint: sarcasm). But she did it and documented the drama of her new adventures along the way. You may have read her column on Inman over the past year.

Ali provided me with the announcement, which I’ll simply post here since I am not the talented writer that she is.

My new book launches today. It is the “Read” pick in Newsweek this week. Please buy it.

In order to explain to you why to buy it, I have compiled the following list of Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s your book about?
A: It’s about my adventures in my first year of real estate, which was also my first year of marriage. It’s called “Diary of a Real Estate Rookie.” It’s also been called funny.

Q: Called “funny” — by you?
A: Actually, it got a starred review from Publishers’ Weekly, which is kind of a big deal. They called my dedication to Rupert Murdoch “cheeky.” Also, there’s a movie star, a heroin scene, and some condos.

Q: That sounds intriguing. What do you want me to do?
A: Go to here to buy the book. Also, please forward this e-mail to others. Finally, please use the following phrase as often as possible: “Hey, have you read ‘Diary of a Real Estate Rookie’ by Alison Rogers, available now at your finer local bookstores or on It’s fast-paced and funny and has lots of real estate tips!”

Q: Alrighty then. Where am I supposed to do that?
A: Great places to use this phrase are: in Graydon Carter’s office; while riding the Lexington Avenue Line; on; in Pop Culture Love Letters; within earshot of any Hollywood producer; on National Public Radio; near anyone who has ever met Oprah or Stephen Colbert . . .

Q: So this is the launch, did you forget to invite me to a party, you b*!ch?
A: No, in keeping with the speed of publication (Rookie was commissioned just last summer) there hasn’t been time to set up a launch party. Keep your eyes open for a “Thank You” event later in the summer . . .and thank you!

Q: I’d go to a party. What else can I do? A: Blog about the book (much gratitude to the editor of Fortune for kicking this off). Write about the book in a local or national publication (thank you to the editor of Money magazine for starting this one, please check out the August issue.) Leave the book on your desk or carry it on the subway (face out please). Come to the signing at McNally Robinson on July 23rd.

Q: Do I get a discount on a co-op if I do this?
A: We’ll talk.


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  2. Main Line Real Estate says:

    Have not read the book, : Diary of a Real Estate Rookie, I am sure it is quite funny and I am going to look for it and read it, will comment on it after reading

  3. Sounds like a wonderful book, I’m going to buy it and read. Thank you

  4. I’m sure it is a great book. Looking forward to reading it