Matrix Blog Roll

Does anyone actually maintain their blogrolls anymore? I haven’t updated mine in years but now is as good a time to start updating it. I’m pulling from my master RSS feed for inspiration (in no particular order) so this is basically a work in progress (5-23-14).

If you think I am missing a good read, please send me a note. Thanks! -Jonathan


Appraiser Law Blog
The Latest Opinions Of Value
Appraiser Law Blog
Birmingham Appraisal Blog
Appraiser News

Credit & Banking

Credit Writedowns
ABA Journal
Credit Slips
Mortgage Fraud Blog
The Mortgage Reports
HSH News Blog

Economics and Markets

Big Picture
Calculated Risk
Business Insider
Bloomberg View
Felix Salmon
Heidi Moore
Reformed Broker
The Economist: Free Exchange
DataPoints — Dismal Scientist
AEI-Housing Risk Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis
Liberty Street Economics (NY Fed)

New York City+

Curbed New York
New York Times Real Estate
The Real Deal
Brick Underground
New York Observer/Real Estate
Crains New York Business – Real Estate
Brick Underground
Urban Digs
Michael Gross
EV Grieve
Harlem + Bespoke
New York Shitty
The Lo-Down
Queens Crap

Real Estate, Housing etc.

Developments Blog/WSJ
Inman News
Realty Check edited by Diana Olick
Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies