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[Big Bang Theory Meets Black Hole] Google De-Indexes Matrix

I think most of us love Google or the idea that we can pretty much query anything at anytime. Two days ago Ray over at Money Blue Book [1] told me this blog, Matrix, was no longer indexed on Google [2].


I reached out to friends like Chris Miles [3] and Dustin Luther [4] to figured out what to do – it’s never happened before and since I didn’t change anything on the site recently, I didn’t know where to start. We ended up poking around and found advertisements for viagra embedded in my sidebar (WordPress). I’d been hacked!

I went to this page My site’s no longer included in the search results. What happened? [5]

…not much help!

I went to my Google Webmaster Tools page [6] and sent a reconsideration letter (allow 4-6 weeks for changes).

Its the “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” law of the Internet – after all, it is only a series of tubes [7].