I think most of us love Google or the idea that we can pretty much query anything at anytime. Two days ago Ray over at Money Blue Book told me this blog, Matrix, was no longer indexed on Google.


I reached out to friends like Chris Miles and Dustin Luther to figured out what to do – it’s never happened before and since I didn’t change anything on the site recently, I didn’t know where to start. We ended up poking around and found advertisements for viagra embedded in my sidebar (WordPress). I’d been hacked!

I went to this page My site’s no longer included in the search results. What happened?

…not much help!

I went to my Google Webmaster Tools page and sent a reconsideration letter (allow 4-6 weeks for changes).

Its the “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” law of the Internet – after all, it is only a series of tubes.

6 Responses to “[Big Bang Theory Meets Black Hole] Google De-Indexes Matrix”

  1. Phil says:

    Welcome to google (wally) world. I mis-typed my gmail password 3x. I was not in Kansas anymore, and there was no wizard available. I had to wait 10 business days or so to answer a “security question”.

    Depending on your presective (maybe age), this is either the perverbial western saloon-front or the permanent future.

  2. Google is the new Microsoft.

  3. John says:

    Jonathan, here is a post about hacked sites from Google’s Matt Cutts: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/helping-hacked-sites/

  4. Fred Hawkins says:

    Considering the future application of the DNS bug, maybe Google will soon have to delist itself.

  5. Many WordPress installations have been hacked recently….you need to upgrade to the newest WordPress installation if possible…the new updates are a lot more secure…hope the re-consideration request pans out…usually works out well if you’re running a legit site (and you are)

  6. Madame X says:

    Did you fix this? As of today you seem to have a pagerank of 7, so things can’t be all bad!