After hearing that Charlton Heston died on Saturday, I thought back to when I was about 7 years old, and world seemed to stop when when the 1959 Ben-Hur movie starring Charlton Heston was played on TV. It was an event. While this post applies more to his earlier movie The Ten Commandments, I just watched two of my favorite all time movies 300, and Gladiator for the umpteenth time and I always relate them to Ben-Hur. So imagine the movie, The Ten Commandments while actually watching the movie, Ben-Hur.

Ok, back to the coliseum.

David Merkel, in his Aleph Blog, provides 10 comments on housing which I happened to enjoy. Here are the headers for each of the ten comments so go to his blog and get the full picture and links.

1) The big question is how much further will housing prices fall, and when will the turn come.

2) But, the reconciliation process goes on, and with it, losses have to go somewhere.

3) The reconciliation process goes on in other ways also.

4) The reconciliation process steamrollers on.

5) A moment of silence for Triad Guaranty.

6) Beyond that, the financial guarantors have their problems.

7) Now for the cheap stuff. Amazing to see vacancy rates on office space in San Diego rising. I think it is a harbinger for the rest of the US.

8 ) Buy the home, take the copper, abandon the home, make a profit. Or, just steal the copper.

9) Bill Gross. A great bond manager, but overrated as a policy wonk.

10) “The prudent will have to pay for the profligate.”

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