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AOL/AP Poll: Apparently The Housing Glass Is Half Full

A new national AP/AOL Real Estate poll reveals that 49% of Americans believe housing prices in their regions will rise in the next two years [MarketWatch] [1] which contradicts the research done by Economy.com last week which said that home prices will show price declines in certain markets over the several years.

Some of the key stats were:

On face value, the stats are pretty interesting, especially the rental stat which I found surprising. The very idea that half the country feels that prices will rise is also kind of shocking with all the negativity floating around right now.

The survey size seems pretty small but I am not an expert on surveys. The survey results seem very positive overall which is in contrast to conventional wisdom (but we all know how reliable that can be). Most of the questions seemed to focus on the experience of home buying and selling, and that was generally positive.

What about all that stress about a frenzied market a few years ago? Was is still fun despite the stress?