Money Magazine and did a survey of the top 10 jobs in the US considering, among other things, growth, pay, stress [CNN/Money].

I believe the results are a little like the cow jumping over the moon.

  1. Software Engineer
  2. College professor
  3. Financial adviser
  4. Human Resources Manager
  5. Physician’s assistant
  6. Market research analyst
  7. Computer IT analyst
  8. Real Estate Appraiser
  9. Pharmacist
  10. Psychologist

Here are the details.

I find this result surprising for two reasons.

• Firstly, the housing boom has passed and the need for appraisers for purchase and refinance mortgages will wane as mortgage rates rise.
• and second, the pressure that is placed on us for delivery of assignments and for “hitting the number” is enormous.

On the plus side, there is flexibility, and its great if you enjoy analytical work and getting outside on a regular basis.

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