I was searching for income trends as they relate to housing and stumbled on this clip at designing better futures. A very clever time lapse presentation of household income versus Case Shiller median housing prices. Love it.

If you like this, he’s got another one that tracks S&P 500 rolling returns movie 1881- 2009 .


3 Responses to “[1987-09] Median Household Income v. Housing Values”

  1. Condo Renter says:

    Fantastic Video!

    It’s interesting to see around 2004 how the prices shoot up so quickly and then they come right back down to earth in 2006.

    1 December 1999 it’s all even, but what happened to Dallas? Hit the pause button on 1:21 and you will see. Then on 1 January 2000 – 1:22 seconds – Dallas catches right up with everyone else.

    Dallas says on the $125 mark for the duration after it’s year 2000 spike.

    Great post!

  2. Edd Gillespie says:

    Jonathan, Although I suspect you are looking for income/housing data correlation to augment your market analysis.
    In a previous life the banks looked at income as an (if not the) indicator of ability to repay. Hence if the mortgage loan was made it acted as an indicator of effective demand. Then the banks went into lift off, but the rest of the system still relied on the issuance of a mortgage loan as an indicator of effective demand and as we know now phony demand stimulated very real growth in supply and rising prices. And we also know now that what the banks were doing was unsustainable. I think if you find the reliable data sets you are looking for, the correlation is something a prudent appraiser would include in their market analysis. We have seen what the availability of almost unlimited mortgage money can do to real estate markets. Why isn’t loan availability something we need to know and consider as well?

  3. Good video, It’s interesting too see sales spring up in the ’04 and ’05 years but then come back down and stabalize, then shoot back down again.